Abortion Upto 7 weeks

Abortion by Pills - Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah – United Arab Emirates (UAE), Riyadh, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia, Muscat - Oman

In Mumbai, India up to seven weeks we can do abortion with tablets (pills). On day one you are given a abortion tablet called mifepristone. This tablet blocks the hormone that makes the lining of the womb suitable for the pregnancy to grow. After taking the first abortion tablet you are able to go home and continue your normal routine activities.

The next day i.e. day 2 will be a normal day where you can continue your routine activities. It is possible that you may start bleeding. On day 3 you will be advised to take the second set of abortion tablets i.e. prostaglandins. These abortion tablets may be given by mouth, may be inserted in vagina or you may be asked to keep them under your tongue. Prostaglandins abortion tablets will start mild cramping pain and bleeding. The bleeding is like a period but may be slightly longer and slightly heavier. In this process the products of pregnancy will pass out.

Follow up after abortion

You will also be given a follow-up plan. You are usually advised to come to our clinic in Mumbai for a check-up to make sure that the abortion procedure has gone well. A sonography may be done to make sure that the products of conception have come out and there are no retained products. You may be asked to do either urine test or a blood test to confirm that pregnancy hormone is not present in your body.

Common side effects

Mifepristone usually does not have any side effects. Once you take prostaglandins, you may experience few symptoms; pain is common and like a regular menstrual cramp, some may have nausea and may also throw up, few have loose motions. All these symptoms usually settle down in a few hours.


Abortion by tablets / pills does not require any admission to hospital, anesthesia, and any form of instrumentation of the uterus.
The tablets can be taken in privacy and once the bleeding starts, It is like a period.


Abortion by Tablets / Pills is very safe effective and has more than 90% success rate when correct medication is used in the correct dosage.


Occasionally there may be heavy bleeding. In case it is very heavy and you are concerned then you should report back to us. Sometimes tiny bits of the products may remain inside and leading to prolonged bleeding and spotting. In this case a sonography is done to see the thickness of the lining of the uterus and in some situations you may need to evacuate the tissue surgically. Very rarely the abortiontablets fail and the pregnancy continues. Again this will require surgical termination with a dilatation and curettage.

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