Care after the abortion

There are many areas that need attention once the abortion is done.



After an abortion you may not be ready for a pregnancy. Under the circumstances, you need to decide about contraception. There are many options, namely the birth control pills, the barrier methods, the vaginal ring, the intrauterine device and the injectables.
We will discuss each method with you and help you to select a method that is ideal for you.

Milk let down

After a second trimester abortion, occasionally a few drops of milk may discharge from the breast. Rarely the breast may get engorged.
Therefore it is important that after the termination one should wear a support bra, and we will give you some tablets to suppress the milk.


If you think you can be at risk of infections then it is a good idea to do all necessary checks at this time and take the appropriate medication. Screening of the partner is also advised so that necessary precaution can be taken.


Certain vaccines can also be given in case you have not already taken them. eg. Hepatitis B and cervical cancer prevention vaccine.

Vitamins and calcium

This is also an opportunity to check your iron and vitamin levels and take supplements in case required.

Depression and guilt

This deserves special mention as it deserves special attention. Many young girls especially unmarried and newly married, will go through a whole range of mixed emotions, fear and guilt being the worst. At this time it is extremely important to be supportive and help them tide over their feelings

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