1 Day Abortion Procedure - most preferred by International Patients

Abortion Procedure - Cost in Mumbai


Medical History & Medical Reports

When you come to Mumbai, you must carry all your reports and medicines if any.

Forex Assistance

You will require Indian currency. We can help you with the contact numbers of foreign exchange in Mumbai.

Fellow Companion

In case you need a dilatation and curettage abortion procedure then it is a legal requirement to have an accompanying adult person with you. It is not permitted to take you to the operation theater in case you are alone.

We do not require the consent of the partner / husband in case you want to do the abortion procedure but his presence is preferable.


We also provide services on Sunday and bank holidays if it is booked in advance.



The cost of abortion procedure depends on the procedure selected - abortion by pills / tablets, abortion by d&c or second trimester abortion. Also, the cost may vary as per clinic / hospital selected and facilities opted for. Kindly contact Dr. Sangeeta Agrawal on +91 22 2431 2821 / +91 98 2022 1675 or drsangeeta@abortioninmumbai.com to know about cost of abortion procedure.