abortion hospital in mumbai india

Since abortion is illegal in Doha - Qatar, It is quite common for patients from Doha - Qatar to visit Mumbai, India to seek abortion treatment from Dr Sangeeta Agrawal. We offer 1 day abortion procedure, managed in a time bound manner to patients from Doha - Qatar, which allows patients to be discharged the same day. Patients can travel to Mumbai & return back to Doha - Qatar either the same day or next.

  • Abortion by Tablets, Pills, Mumbai India

    Abortion with Tablets
    Upto 7 weeks

    In Mumbai, India up to seven weeks we can do abortion with tablets. On day one you are given a tablet called mifepristone.

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  • Abortion by D&C, Mumbai India

    Abortion by D&C
    7 to 12 weeks

    Once you are more than 7 weeks but less than 12 weeks then the procedure for abortion is dilatation and...

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  • Second Trimester Abortion in Mumbai, India

    Second Trimester Abortion
    12 to 20 weeks

    In India abortions are legal up to 20 weeks. The consent form for second trimester abortions requires...

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Doctor Profile

I have done training in Obstetrics and Gynecology from KEM Hospital Mumbai and have obtained the M.D., D.G.O. and DNB. I have worked in the U.K. in various hospitals in London viz. Royal London, St. Bartholomew’s, North Middlesex and Barnet General. I obtained the MRCOG and subsequently the FRCOG was conferred upon me.

After returning from UK., I started private practice. I have my clinic in Prabhadevi Mumbai, which is a very up market area of Mumbai. My clinic atmosphere is very welcoming and comfortable.

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