Well if you are not happy about being pregnant then you need to see a gynecologist.

Confirm the pregnancy

First step is to confirm that you are pregnant. This is usually done with a urine test, blood test or sonography

Confirm the size and location of pregnancy

Next important step is to confirm the size and location of pregnancy with a sonography. It is important to ensure that it is within the uterine cavity. (i.e. there is no ectopic pregnancy)

Analyse option of termination

a.   If it is less than 7 weeks then you can take the tablets.

b.   If It is more than 7 weeks but less than 12 weeks then you need to consider Dilatation and curettage. This will be done in a hospital or nursing home of your choice.

c.   If you are more than 12 weeks but less than 20 weeks then the procedure is different and will need hospitalization.

Blood tests required before an abortion

You will need to get some blood tests done that are required before an abortion

Procedure Initiated

Procedure is done in Safe, Scientific manner.

After Care

Further we continue our care in a holistic manner and we will discuss areas.

Discuss Sexually transmitted infections

This meeting also gives you an opportunity to discuss any fears of sexually transmitted infections that you may have.

Consider taking the vaccines

You can consider taking the vaccines that you may not have taken earlier such as hepatitis B, and cervical cancer prevention vaccine.

Discuss contraceptives

This is your opportunity to discuss the various contraceptives that are available and choose one that best suits your need.

Schedule a pap test

If you have not done a pap test as yet then you can now schedule one.

Ensure that you are not anemic

You can do a routine check to ensure that you are not anemic and consider taking regular supplements.

Discuss new pregnancy

You can discuss with the doctor all care that you need to take before you become pregnant again. E.g lifestyle changes and supplements to be taken.