Abortion 12 to 20 weeks

Abortion 12-20 weeks

In India abortion is legal up to 20 weeks. The consent form for second trimester abortion requires the signature of 2 registered medical officers. There are various methods for termination at this stage of pregnancy and the choice of method depends on the procedure approvals by the regulatory authorities, availability of the medicines required, availability of licensed infrastructure and the doctor’s preference.

Whatever be the method used, the patient needs to be admitted in the hospital or nursing home in Mumbai for a 1-2 days. Medicines will be used that will stimulate contractions and lead to the expulsion of the fetus. The placenta then follows. If the placenta and the fetus are completely expelled then the patient is allowed to rest for a few hours or a day and can go home once she feels well. She is usually given analgesics and antibiotics after the abortion procedure.

Occasionally the placenta may remain behind and may require surgical removal. In that case the patient needs to be taken to the operation theater and will require removal of placenta under anesthesia.

After the procedure the patient may have bleeding for a few days. Some women will experience fullness of the breasts. We will prescribe some medication to prevent this from happening. Contraception can be discussed and started if required.

Please note that we do not do illegal abortions, sex determination and sex selective abortion.

Second Trimester Abortion Procedure Abortion 12-20 weeks